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Get Started Guide

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In order to get your club ready to create grooming entries, you will need to: 

Add workers/operators, members, and managers.

Go to the Club profile page. Click on the buttons under “Add/View Users”

  • Workers/operators: Operators/Workers will be listed as one of the options for “worker” or “operator” when submitting a grooming or non grooming entry.
  • Members – Can create, view, and edit entries not yet submitted to the county
  • Managers – Can create, view, edit entries, as well as add grooming equipment and workers

You can make members and managers inactive, not allowing them to log in by clicking “edit” next to the user, and changing their status to “inactive”.

Add Grooming Units

A Grooming unit is the combination of a puller and a drag. This is the unit that your managers and members will use to fill out the grooming form, and determine the pay rate.

To Add A grooming unit:

  • Create a puller and a drag first
    1. Go to your club profile, and under “Create Grooming Unit, Add Puller, and Add Drag”, and click “Add/ View Puller” or “add/View Drag”
  • Once you have added a drag and puller, go back to your profile, and click “Add Grooming Unit”.

You cannot delete grooming units, but you can make them “inactive”, meaning they cannot be picked when making entries. To do that, click on the cell on the table that says “active”, and you can switch it to “inactive”

Once you have grooming units, workers, and members, you will be able to start adding entries.