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Club Member FAQ’s

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Club Member FAQ’s
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Can I Change my name, password, and Email?
Yes, on your any page (except the help desk, and club member resource page), you will see a link that says “Account Settings” From there, you can change your name, email and password.
How Do I Add a grooming entry?

To Add grooming entries click on the “Add Grooming Entries  (8700-005)” Menu tab. Fill out the form and click “submit”.

You will not need to fill out another form for non funded. Simply fill out the non-funded hours, and the form will create two entries – non-funded grooming, and funded grooming.


How Do I Add a non-grooming entry?

To Add grooming entries click on the “Add Grooming Entries  (8700-006)” Menu tab. Fill out the form and click “submit”


Can I modify my entries after I make them?
Yes, to do this, click on the “View Entries” Menu item. This will show you all entries that have not yet been submitted for approval. You can edit, delete, and view these entries.
How About Submitting Non-Funded entries?
Both the grooming and non-grooming entries give you the opportunity to enter non-funded entries. With the grooming entry form, simply put in your non-funded hours, and this will automatically generate a non-funded form. For non-grooming entries, when you fill out the form, you have the choice of making this entry non-funded or funded.
Can I change or add groomers, trails, or other aspects of the club?
No, this functionality is reserved for club managers and the club admin. If you see something that you would like to have changed for the groomers, please contact your club admin or manager by clicking the “messages” icon in the right corner of your web page.
I have a question that has not been addressed in the FAQ’s. Who do I contact?
Please visit the “Help Desk” icon on the top right hand portion of your screen. You can fill out a form, and we will address you question as quickly as possible.