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State FAQ

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Can I Change my name, password, and Email?
Yes, on your any page (except the help desk, and club member resource page), you will see a link that says “Account Settings” From there, you can change your name, email and password.
How Do I Get Started?
View our Get Started Guide to learn the minimum requirements to get your system up and running.
How Do I assign Annual Grants to Counties?

Create Annual Grants for Each County

To create an annual grant, go to your “annual Grants” page

Click “add Annual Grant”

Fill in the field and click “submit”

How Do I assign Project Grants to Counties?

Create Project Grants

To create project grants, go to your “project grants” page

Click “add project grants”

Fill in the fields and click “submit”

Can I reject entries?

Yes, to reject entries, you will have to go to your Home Page

Click “View All Entries and Requests” next to the county you would like to audit

Under “View and Reject Entries or Requests” click on the type of entry you would like to approve/reject

Check the entries you would like to reject

This will autofill a form below the table. Fill in your reason for rejection and click “submit”

I Have more questions. Who Do I contact?
Please visit our Contact Page and fill out a form with any questions you may have. We will get back to you as soon as possible.