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What if A Club is Missing? How Do I add A Club?

To Add Clubs:

This step will most likely be done for you, but if you are missing a club, you can add them this way:

  1. Go to the “County Profile” menu tab
  2. Click “add club to County”
  3. Start typing in club name, and click on it once you find it.
  4. Click “Submit”
  5. Club will be added within 1 business day
How Do I add Trails?

Add Trails

  1. To add a trail to your county:
  2. Go to “Edit County Profile” icon in the top right hand corner of your screen
  3. Click the “add trail” button
  4. Fill out the fields
  5. Fill out associated clubs
  6. Click “submit”


How Do I Verify Grooming Units are Correct??

Adding/Editing Grooming Units

Clubs are allowed to add grooming units, but they are not able to edit them. The county can edit and add grooming units as well

  1. To add/edit a grooming unit:
  2. Go to your dashboard
  3. Select View Club Details/Add Grooming Units next to the club you’d like to view/add/edit the unit
    1. A grooming unit is composed of a drag and puller. You will need to either select already added drags and pullers to create one, or create your own drag and puller.
  4. You can select “add grooming unit” or click “edit” next to the grooming unit in the table to edit a unit.
  5. Please note that editing the rate of a grooming unit will NOT change the grooming entries that were filled out previous to the change.
Can I Change my name, password, and Email?
Yes, on your any page (except the help desk, and club member resource page), you will see a link that says “Account Settings” From there, you can change your name, email and password.
How Do I Get Started?
View our Get Started Guide to learn the minimum requirements to get your system up and running.
How Do I Approve Grooming and Non-Grooming Entries

Approve/Reject grooming and Non-grooming  entries 

  • To approve/reject entries click on the “Dashboard “ Menu tab.
  • Below, you will see a list of clubs associated with the county. Click “view/approve” under the club you wish to view/approve the entries.
  • You will see tables with entries at different stages. To approve/reject the entries, check the box next to each entry, or select the check box at the top left of the table to select all entries.
  • Below each table is a form to approve/reject entries. The entries that you have checked will autofill that box. From there, either approve and select “submit” or reject with a reason and click “submit.
What do I do if a piece of equipment used on a non-grooming entry isn't available on the equipment drop down list?
What do I do if a piece of equipment used on a non-grooming entry isn’t available on the equipment drop down list?

Click “Request Equipment” on the blue menu. And describe the equipment. The state will review and send you a response when/if they decide to add the equipment. 

How do I print, Save or export data?
How do I print, Save or export data?

Click on the print/save data tab for printer friendly reports, also can use the green print/PDF button on top left of all pages and export link on top left of most tables.

How do I view data from a previous season
How do I view data from a previous season

Click on the Historical Data tab, and use the login shown on that page to view historical data.

How Do I get a project grant?
How Do I get a project grant?

Project and annual grants are still requested through your original paper method. Please use that method for requesting grants from the state. We hope to add these features to the program soon